Research on Demand

Research on Demand Services (RoD)

Research on Demand team at SNP handles client projects in quick turn around time (TAT). SNP's RoD services are ideally suited for companies looking for extended bandwidth at a short notice and at a rational budget. This service leverages upon the SNP's sector specific newsletters and primary research to delivery on client objectives.

RoD Types:

  • Information Mining - Mode of research (Primary and Secondary)
  • Specific Profiling - Inclusive of Company, Industry or Sector
  • Detailed Market Research and Future Potential Analysis
  • Competition Tracking Intelligence Services
  • Project Detailed Tracking - Project Details/Company Details/Project Development status
  • Sector analysis with a focus on trend and past data - Specific sectors like Power, Oil & Gas, Coal and Infra covered

RoDService enablers at SNP

  • Current Insights via daily weekly and monthly
  • Bespoke training sessions with our in-house teams
  • Database administration
  • Proprietary research support
  • Analyst Hours
  • Presentation Support
  • Dedicated Chat Support
  • Dedicated team support
  • Expert vetting for all the reports served to the clients

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