Metals & Mining Industry - Mapping Indian Economy vis-ŕ-vis Global Outlook

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  • August, 2019
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Metal & Mining sector has been a pinnacle source of India’s economic growth. With every increase in Industrial growth at 1.2%-1.4% will require 1% growth in mining sector as it forms main source of raw material. At present, India produces ~90 different types of minerals making it stand as 3rd largest Steel producer, 4th largest Iron ore producer, 6th largest Zinc producer and 5th largest Bauxite reserves in the world. The sector contribution in Gross Value Added (GVA) grew by 10.5% and 12.5% in 2016-17 and 2017-18 respectively, is the testimony to the recent policy intervention such as NMEP, amendment in MMDR Act and 100% FDI to mention few. In milieu of this it is pertinent to note that the growth of mining sector is expected to grow further at rate ~10% in order to keep the GDP growth of 7%. The other important factors acting as catalyst are changing fuel in automobile, infrastructure growth as well as rapid urbanization, boosting the demand of copper, iron ore and steel etc. The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 has formulated Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle (FAME) scheme which envisages 30% share of EV vehicle by 2030, is expected to increase the price as well as demand of lithium, nickel and cobalt. 

In this regard it is quintessential to demystify the source of commodity supply in an era of falling grade and productivity index. In this regard we evolve with a dossier which entails the intricacies and nuances identified as the contributors to Metal & Mining sector in India. Identifying the major problems, performances of mining sector vis-à-vis participants, we delved deep to evolve with a trends, outlook and also evaluated opportunity for both trade and end consumer. In reference to same we proudly announce the report on “Metals & Mining Industry: Mapping Indian Economy vis-à-vis Global Outlook”. The dossier would not only address to the demands of unearthing the commodity market size by volume, players and others collective parameters but also the underlying opportunities as per export and import. It will not only benchmark the performance of company but also produce a path finding guide to improve efficiency through a detailed parametric competitor analysis. 

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