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NTPC intends to reduce air pollution by utilizing biomass residue

October 25, 2018 12:43 PM

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Last year CEA has issued an advisory to public and private generating units to use 5-10 per cent biomass pellets primarily made of agro residue along with coal. As per guidelines, NTPC forestalls to start biomass co-firing across all its coal-based thermal power stations in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut pollution. And shall start procurement of biomass pellets and torrefied biomass pellets/briquettes for co-firing across all its coal fired power plants  

Utilization of such Biomass like scrap lumber, forest debris, crop residues, manure and some types of waste residues with coal can supplement 3-15 percent of input energy into power plant. Thus can also reduce air pollution to a greater extent which is caused due burning of crop residue in open fields. MNRE forecasts to generate around 18,000 MW of electricity by usage of surplus agro residue. Biomass co-firing has the potential to reduce emissions from coal-fuelled generation, without substantially increasing costs or infrastructure investments.

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Amit Sharma

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