Rural Electrification in India: Status Report & Opportunities in Mini Grid and Renewable Segment

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  • February, 2018
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This report covers various aspects to overcome this stalemate and suggest alternative approaches on rural electrification in India. Various models of rural electrification have been comprehensively presented as per the provisions of the Act and based on the prevailing conditions in a particular area. The objectives of the study are as follows:

A. A detailed study of the existing rural supply in the country and targeted Electrification.
B. Dovetailing the current rural electricity supply modes in the light of various policy and Rural
electrification programs in India.
C. Review of financing, subsidy related issues and financing of various models.
D. Analysis of institutional arrangement for sustaining the RE efforts.
E. Framework of Rural Electrification.
F. Case Studies of Rural Electrification and commercial analysis.
G. Opportunities for Private Developers in Decentralized Distributed Generation & Mini Grid.

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