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Stay on Hydro Projects in State of Uttarakhand

June 12, 2018 03:49 PM

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Hon’ble High Court of Uttarakhand has directed to halt construction of all hydro projects in state. Court alleged that building hydroelectricity projects on rivers like the Ganga and its tributaries was tantamount to overburdening them. Debris from construction site is also constrained to be dumped in muck disposal site, restraining disposal within 200 meters.

State is concerned with receding glaciers and depleting water levels of the rivers flowing through the state as the debris from the hydro projects was being dumped near the rivers, impeding their flow and causing damage to environment. Such stringent and related environment norms is must to followed and adhered by all states through which river flows, to save flora-fauna and sanctity of our holy rivers.

Article By:
Amit Sharma

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