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Lead Carbon Battery – A Way Forward to Reliable Storage of Intermittent Solar Power

May 16, 2018 03:31 PM

Tagged Sector(s) : Renewable

Solar Power Developer’s Balance of Quantity ordinarily lists Battery Systems based on technology like Lead Acid, Ni-Cd, Li-poly, Li-ion, Sodium-Sulphur. These batteries are affordable at low cost but fails when comes to reliability and backup durations. Those with more durable backups are even more costlier which questions financial viability and attractness of the project. Energy Storage Systems feasible for small and large projects are still an area to be explored and is pipelined with number of research and studies.

Chinese scientists have recently developed a compactly designed lead carbon battery for storing power generated from solar panels that can backup power for 20 to 23 hours. As, power generated by renewable energy sources is not continuous & stable, which makes it difficult to regulate. Such an Inventions if powered with long backups at a reasonable cost could make the sunshine even more brighter and lighten lives even at night.

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Amit Sharma

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