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Domestic solar cell and module manufacturers requisites aid by government supportive schemes

September 18, 2018 06:50 PM

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Imposition of safeguard duty on import of solar equipment from China and Malaysia has put most of solar developers in plight of increased project cost. Imposition of duties is expected to increase solar tariff in range of Rs. 0.40-0.50 per Unit. This may dampen the pace of achieving solar capacities laid by the government. Increase in cost may also put extreme pressure on small players of the market forcing them to exit from the Industry.

Some of the research firms are also projecting the targets not easily achievable by 2022. Such imposition of duties would hinder the development in solar Industry.

Beneficiary of imposition of safeguard duty are Domestic Manufacturers, government should provide incentive and subsidies to domestic solar cell and module manufacturers  so that they can compete globally and help India to achieve its ambitious National Solar Missions Targets, Otherwise, it would jeopardize solar market without aiding domestic manufacturers.

Article By:
Amit Sharma

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