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Abridging Gap between Manufacturing Capacities and Demand of Solar Panels Standstills in Amid of Dwindling China’s Solar Market & Policies

June 11, 2018 01:20 PM

Tagged Sector(s) : Renewable

India has an annual solar-cell manufacturing capacity of about 3 gigawatts while the average annual demand is 20 gigawatts, the gap of demand and supply is fulfilled through imports. China has 30% of market share in India, a recent policy change in China  to cut financial support to developers and halted approval for new projects has appraised a downfall in solar panel prices by 15-30%.

As such turmoil has halted all the solar auction in anticipation of reduced generation cost. It is poised to make solar power competitive and at parity with conventional power.   

Article By:
Amit Sharma

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